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Dear Class 5,

We have heard that you are really good at helping people, please can you help us? We have been give some magic potion so that we can have one superhero power! But we cant decide what superhero power would be best! We would love to hear your ideas! please help us!

Kind Regards,

The Police, Fire brigade and Doctors


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i hav aideeyer the fiyer man cud hav worter out ov his mouth. next the plees cud be speedee and shtrog to push the badees veree hord. last the fiy er man cud shoot wroter out ov his hans to put the fiyer out.

a docter can run fast to help pepol. a fier man can shoot water out of his hands.a plise can lazer the badees.if the plise and the fier man and the docter werct to gether they can do enny thing.

a plees man can hav running powers to put badies in jal.a docter can hav ecwicmnt powers to do it qic.a fir man can hav worter powers to put out firs.

the figher fighter can have a hand ring so if he gets lost
he ses wich way to go.

the plees man cud hav invisbel power. beecos the peepel can not see the plees men and then theplees men can get them. A fiyer man power cud bee worter bee cos tha cud shoot owt ov his hands and put owt tey fiyer.

the poleose haz zaping powers to zap the badees to cill them so they cant hertos us.

the plees gl has aletric

poleemn yoo can hav taizers

docters bob wot sai

fiy man fwoy

a soop fiai man wil soopclim a soop fiman wil hafis pwoais a soopf iaiman wil sarv peepl
asoop dot wil haf soop tuchin pwoais asoop dot wil help paisn hait chilrdn asoop dot wil soop lisn

docters xrai goglus tuch to maik beter
polees get bad gis
fier gets the peepul from the bilding

showort nd ron fatr tuc worp

hee cramst omn worst

hee ronms fatr we hee tusp

hee me berwq

r porep

soop seed
fiaman can shoot wort owtr
so pleest can cach the bad giz docctr hand heel

Soope fast for plees. Firyman shoots wute from his hands. Docte has exray ays

Soop speed plees man. wort Hand fiy man. Docr has heeling Hanz.

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