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In class we talked about promises, is it ok to make them? Is it ok to break them? We talked with a parter, voted and then discussed as a class! What do you think?

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You must be becoming wonderful philosophers children and you seem to be so enjoying it. Wish I could have been a ‘fly on the wall’ to listen to you. Ros

i hoop you never brac a promis and wee reeylee wont you to cum to ower scool. pleeeeeeees!

fanc yoo for comotin on oor blog
wee lik big rite and fiilosafee for childrn
i hop yoo can ucm to st joosifs

Love hearing about your philosophy sessions, Class 5 – thank you for sharing them. I wonder what makes a promise special? What’s the difference between saying ‘I will help you’ and ‘I promise I will help you’? Look forward to hearing more of your discussions. Neil

when you say i promis you hav to try and ceep it. i is only ok to braek a promis if its bi aksident

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