Castles Homework!


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Our homework was to find 3D shapes around the house and make a castle out of them! We really enjoyed our homework but we think our mums enjoyed it more!!! 🙂

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One of my favourite castles was in Prague – can you find that on the map? You have made some fab castles class 5!

hiy misis bacsndial i av dun gud werc wee hav luct at nyoow casls and old casls.


to mis baxin dayul wat wos yor fayvrert casul corld. my fayvrt casul is the tuow ov lundn. doo you lic that won too

Thank you for lukin on are blog and
sayin are casols are fab. my fayvrut casol is bukingham palis.

Dear Class 5, Your castles are AMAZING! You have worked so hard on your homework and what an imaginative way to use 3D shapes. Well done everybody! Keep sending us your blogs as we can’t wait to see what you do next. Best Wishes from everybody at Ramsden Infants x

fanc yoo for lucuing on ar blog wi wil shomw yoo mor wrc

fank yoo for luking on class5 blog.

Spectacular castles, well done class and well done mums!

I’ve been in a castle befor and I wish theat I had a toy castle in mi bac garden. To mis gleesen and Class 5

casls or brootefl casls or epic

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