A message from the troll!


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Dear class 5,

thank you so much for writing letters to the chief of Fairy Tale Land, now everybody knows that us trolls aren’t mean and nasty! People have started smiling at me and I can smile back without people being scared.

Love from,

Troll 🙂


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yoo ar a lovlee and frendlee troll

fanc yoo for coming on or blog

thanku for being kind to the goats and shering yor grass thanku coming on are blog

hav you bin good to the 3 bili gows gruf

facyoo fur beein nic and facyoo furh beein jeneras and shairin yur gras

fank you troll

ai hop uop aar beein nas to the gopst

troli i am praood

ttpank you

well now you no class 5 loveves your storee but not as much as me i finc. i wud love to be your frend.

thank you for beeing such a good troll
i let him kum too mi hows

to the frel chrol pleez breeg gud,

to the troll
glad you have frends i will be yor frend too
love harryb

Troll have yoo bin letting the free bile ggosa gow 0vyor bridge

Hello Isabel,

Yes I have been letting the goats over the bridge, we have all become really good friends! Everyone is much happier in Fairy Tale Land! Thank you for your help.

Love from,

Troll 🙂

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