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This week we have started our new topic about castles. What can you tell us about castles?

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Draw brig.
I love castles.

Towers, walls, moats and drawbridges protect the king and queen from baddies.

Bad guyz, nite, Cing, queen, flag, towe, drawbrij.

They are strong, they are made out of stone and bricks. Castles have Knights in and a great hall. In the throne room there is a great of brave deeds.

Sounds like Class 5 know a lot already! Who lives in a castle or palace at the moment? Can you find it on a map?

the qooeen livez in buicingham pahlis

What an exciting theme to be studying. Will you tie in some myths & legends? Mystery & adventure? Tourism & newspaper reports from the past? Harry Potter? Richard 3rd & Robin Hood? Build clay castles & Lego castles? Free construction? WOW!

fanc yoow for the mesij wee hav been dresing up as kings. wee hav lucd at the storee rapunzel and bilt touwers. wee hav orderd owld and nyoo casules and testid out canon borls.

casjiz pritee. caslz or big r pontee.

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