The Nativity!


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We have been learning about the true meaning of Christmas this week. We enjoy telling the story and performing in our play. Some children wanted to retell the story in their own words…

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Once upon time ther was to people cald Mary and Joseph. angail Gabriel Ciam to tel them mary wus having a baby to night you shal go to befleghen to get mareed. Theywent to a man the man

Ones upon a tiym ther wos a yung ladee cald maree that was going too hav a babee. Maree and Josif went on a donkee to Bethlehem ther the babee wos born in a manjr. The Shepdscaim and then sum cincx caim and sum ainjuls caim Thai up wochd the barber in the Mainjer

One upon a time they was merry and joesith the Angel gabreal sed you snood go to befleahem

wow a pon a tIm Wos a hug sumner cold mere here And her HUSBERND wos josifph won day thAy wet To Befgleehem wer you wos born.

One. Ponatim. In befleehem.
They wos Mere. And Josif and thay went to Bethlehem

Once upon a time in beflehem on a snowy night ther was mery and joseph they went to beflehem mery had a babby and eithery one cam the babby is corld jeesus it is the first Christmas angls king sheprds cam.

Really good writing Class 5. I loved your play too and you should all be vey proud – well done.

Once upon a time on a snowy night there was a young lady called Mary. The Angel Gabriel said to Mary, “you are going to have a baby tonight.” They needed to go to Bethlehem but there was no room at the inn so the third inn keeper said “You can go to the stable there is lots of room there.” Mary had he baby and called him Jesus. The shepherds and Wise Men brought him presents of gold and smelly frankincense.

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