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Here is our Talk 4 Writing story map for ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’!
Can you tell what happens in the story?

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Jamie said he would like to be the Gruffalo’s child because he has a fun adventure in the deep dark wood!

You’re right Jamie he does! What adventures would you go on?

Miss Gleeson 🙂

Once upon a time there was a Gruffalo’s child. One snowy night he went for a walk to find the big bad mouse. First he saw a trail in the snow and saw a snake. “You’re not the mouse.”
“Not I, he’s down by the lake eating Gruffalo cake.”
Next, he saw some prints in the snow, could these be the eyes of the big bad mouse? The creature flew down, his tail wasn’t scaly and his eyes were not pools of terrible fire and he didn’t have whiskers, no none at all.
After that he saw some paw prints in the snow. “Whiskers at last, could these be the whiskers of the big bad mouse?” The creature climbed out and his whiskers were not wiry.
Later on he sat on a stump and he said “it’s all a trick, there is no bad mouse.”
Then a little mouse came out of his cave sweeping everywhere.
“Wait before you eat, there is someone I would like you to meet. If you let me hop onto a hazel twig I’ll beckon my friend so bad and big.”
“The big bad mouse, he does exist and he carries a nut as big as a boulder.”
The Gruffalo ran to the cave as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Wow Oliver! What a super sort teller you are! Excellent work!!!

Miss Gleeson 🙂

I enjoyed re-telling the story at home.

What super news! Did you use all the actions?

Miss Gleeson 🙂

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