Autumn Adventure


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What different things might you find on an Autumn adventure? think about what you might see, hear, feel, smell or taste!

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I would see a hedgehog, conkers, a squirrell and lots and lots of leaves. The leaves would e brown, red, yellow and orange.

I would hear the leaves crunch and a stick crack. It would smell like hedgehog. The conkers would feel spiky and hard. The leaves would feel crunchy.

I like to put my wellies on and run through the leaves.

Wow! That sounds like a brilliant Autumn Adventure!
Well done! 🙂

Crunchy leaves

I would see leaves, squirrels looking for nuts, pine cones and logs.
I would hear birds singing and leaves rustling when I kick them.
I would smell animals and trees.
I like looking for pine cones.

Well done Katie! Some super ideas! 🙂

When I went on an Autumn adventure to the woods, I saw two squirrels. I also saw shiney conkers which I put in my pocket.

I heard my feet rustling in the fallen leaves, and I smelt bonfire smoke.

I would see some conkers in their shells bursting to escape.
Crackle and crunch go the rusty orange leaves as I stamp through the woods.
Children having lots of fun on their Autumn adventure.

I would see sticks, branches and leaves.
I would hear the wind and see the branches blowing.
I would smell the plants.

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