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Dear Class 5,
The Big Bad Wolf has told me that you really helped him yesterday, when you wrote instructions to help him remember how to brush his teeth. He said it has stopped his toothache so he isn’t grumpy anymore! I have a problem too and was hoping you could help me? I’m not really naughty, I only eat the Three Bears’porridge because I’m hungry. My Mum keeps getting cross because I keep forgetting how to make myself food so instead of asking her again and again I eat the Bear’s porridge. Is there something you can do to help me?

Love From Golidlocks xxx

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Ferst. Get 2 Pisistratus Ov Bed. .

Ferst. Get 2 Pisistratus Ov Bed. Next sed the butr

First get 2 peesis ov bred ,next your get yor buter on yor nif, aft that spred the buter on the bred, spred the jam onthebred the put the bred to gethr finulee EET it,
Harry b

Ferst. Get 2 Pisis Ov Bed. Next sed sum buter on you bed.
Afdr that sic it to Beverly.
Family Itit

First. Get. 2. Peesis Ov. Bred. TButter on it. Spred The. Jam
After that Put it. Togethr
Fnilee eet it

First buter the bread next put jam on the bread after that’ put the bread together Finley eat it

Well done Katie! 🙂

Firstt get 2 peesiz ov bred
Next spred th butr on the bred
Aftr that sped. The jamir a rand
Fanlee put the nuv laiy on the botm
Laiyr then eat it

Ferst get to peesis ov bred
Next spred buter on the bred
Then spred sum jam on the bred
After that put the bred togetr
Finulee eet it


Get a piece of bread.
Put it on your plate.
Get some butter and spread it on your sandwich with a wooden knife.
Put jam on top of it.
Finally squeeze it together and eat it after dinner.

Well done Zach! Super instructions!
Miss Gleeson 🙂

Some fantastic instructions here class 5! Now I know how to make a jam sandwich!

Ask them if you can share their porridge.

godeelox wtin in the forisd

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