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Look at our ‘talk for writing’ display for the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’! What is your favourite part of the story? Don’t forget to use our key words and actions!

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When Golidilocks ran away.

We like when Goldilocks wakes up and screams…..Charlie and Katie

My favourite part of the story is at the end where they live happily ever after.

When I saw you all doing the ‘Talk for Writing’ actions to this story yesterday, it made the story really exciting. I could tell that you were all really enjoying retelling the story. Well done Class 5!

All brilliant parts of the story! Well done!!
Miss Gleeson 🙂

I like our story of Goldilocks and my favourite part was . . . All of it!!!! We’ll done everyone.

I like the part when the chair breaks and we say “CRASH” really loud and do a big clap with our hands – Zach A

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