Speech bubbles!


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Write under the picture something that could be used in a speech bubble for the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood!

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“I’m going to eat you up little girl!”

“You cannot catch me because the wood cutter is going to chop you into pieces and make you into a nice, cosy winter, hat!” – Little Red Riding Hood

Super ideas for speech bubbles Zach!! Well done!

Miss Gleeson 🙂

I will catch you and eat you up and your Granny!!! Ha, ha, ha…….

You will not eat me up, I will call the woodcutter to chop you in half and take your brain out!

Excellent ideas Charlie! Well done!

Miss Gleeson 🙂


“I am going to eat you Little Red Riding Hood because you look like you taste of sweets”
“Get away from me or else I will throw this pie and cake in your face” SPLAT, SPLAT

Well done Chloe and Isabel!! 🙂
Miss Gleeson

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