Can you write a pirate rhyme?


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Our Year 1 children have wrote their own pirate rhymes too. Here is one typed up by one of the children.
it is called ‘Yo Ho Black Beard’. Can you think of a pirate rhyme?

Yo ho black beerd have you got eny gold?
Aye meaty aye meaty down in the hold.
One fore the captin,
and one fore the made,
and one fore the little boy hoo digs with his spaid.

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This is a pirate song that is realted to your topic and the song is called Pirate Gang…
yo ho yo ho he is the life for me,setting sails for the seven pic the ankor,do it for me!

Good learning!
The pirate song is ..
The yo ho the lonely ho the pirate gang has lost a life.Climb,climb,climb,climb,The lonely ho is the life of me the pirate is the life of me second sales for the seven sea’s pick the ancker and do it with.
Thank you!
By John sackey
It’s from
Cbeebies make a dance game.

I know some
Swords qwords
Bandana fandana
Ear ring Mar hing
That’s all I know.

My other new,special pirate ryme is called

Don’t steal our truse!

Don’t steal our truse
With pirates see you with plausre
Ho ho the pirates go
Ho ho ho!

Pirates come to get truse
And they see you with plausre
Turese we want truse!
Ho ho ho!

Yo yo yo yo
Go go go
To get truse,
With our only plaure
Don’t let people steal our truse!

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