Captain Billy!


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We made up a pirate rhyme about Captain Billy and his Ship!
captin billy

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You sound in great voice Class 5. I love your pirate song

Hello captain Billy!

That song that you are learning is good you did different parts for the song.

What a brilliant song class 5, well done!

You are a good Pirate.

Who can tell me about a pirate story they have read?

We like Swashbucklers off the telly and we think we made up the best pirate story!

Do you know Class 5, there is a proggame called Swashbulckers on Cbeebies. Its about pirates and stealing things. If you want to watch it, you can go to

Cbeebieswatch\ Shashbulckers
Cbeebies IPlayer
to watch all the shashbulicking pirates.

Have fun!

Its a channgllge game too!

Ha ha!!

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