Pirate Treasure Hunt


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This morning we were pirates hunting for treasure! We found and named different coins to keep in our treasure chest!

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Hello everyone!
Your treasure hunt looks like lots of fun. We can see you found some real treasure.
Will you spend your coins?
Mrs Warner and FS2
Fieldhead Carr Primary School

Yes we had lots of fun! We are going to keep all the treasure in our pirate treasure chest. We are going to hide it so no one can find it!

From class 5


You looked like you had lots of fun in the sun. I loved your dressing up outfits. All you are missing is a parrot to sit on your shoulder. X

Loved the pirate song and some good pirate pictures! Hope you learned lots about pirates.

Its like you are stieling truse just like some pirates!

I met captain billy at splash landings today and he did lots of tricks and singing.

Its so nice and sunny!Can you get me some coins for me?

Isabel enjoyed telling us all about the treasure hunt and how much fun she had.

Its like you are stealing things just like what piartes do!!

Lots of fun!

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