‘Pirates’ Topic!


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We are getting our classroom ready for our new topic ‘Pirates!’ What do you think about our ‘pirate ship’ role play, ‘undersea mermaid’ reading area and our ‘scary pirate’ writing cave?
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The transformation looks fantastic. Class 5 are going to love this 🙂

I like your pirate school.

Wow!it looks like a pirates Gang you decorate your class room it looks like you are making your classroom like pirate school.
love from John Sackey

Wow! This looks exciting Class 5! I can’t wait to see all of your ‘Pirate’ themed work!

I was about to say Its a Gang of swashbuckle

Well done!
Did the children made it or the teachers did or even the children and the teachers?

It likes you are hunting for treasure.

Hunting for treasure sound like great fun.

It’s sounds like the Pirate decorations are very Good.

Wow!Ks1 thats fantastic learning.

Wow!You made a book corner and different things like that ok.

WOW!I love it.

You are doing a role play.

No they are just making there new school and they are making there school diffrent because its is related to there topic.

Good decoration.

You made a wonderful scary cave.

It’s beautiful.


Maybe you do fun things like that.

Are thats really great.

Wow!Thats good.

You have got some crative things fro your topic!Can you tell me anything about do.

Our topic is Intrstions but now Its Stories From Juila Donaldson.In our Instrions topic,we were learning about Pirates and we got more things that are instrions.

Just go to

Miss Mellors or
St Joseph’s Blogs Miss Mellors .
Have fun commenting!

Your classroom looks very crative!I wish that my classroom would be like that!

I like the mermaid picture because it is sparkly and beautiful.

Can we come for a school trip to your school?

I like the pirate ship because the fact that it is black

We have had lots of fun being pirates in our ship!

I like the pirate writing cage the best.


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