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We have been busy making porridge this week. We made it, tasted it and got messy with it!

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It looks like you had lots of fun eating and experimenting with the porridge. Ollie told me he had sugar on his porridge and it was delicious 🙂

I love Porridge they are delicous.You can put witch flavour you like and I taste porride when I was little.

In my porridge I had sugar in it and declious!!!!

Mmmm!I love pordige it is my faverite in the morning and afternnon.
My faverite is Honey and Peanuts cornflakes and Bran cornflakes.
What is your favrite?
By Victoria.
You can relpy from me what is your faverite porridge.

They look yummy!I like eating porridge with sugar.what is your favourite porridge?

Our favourite was sugar too! Yum!

Me too!
I love eating porridge with sugar too!

Thank you to talk back.


We love porridge too….but it’s even tastier when it’s inside Goldilocks (Hee hee)

The Three Bears

Wow!Porridge is so yummy.

I think it is warm The Three Bears.

This is fantastic Class 5…it looks like you had lots of fun!!

Thank you! we had lots of fun! 🙂

Porridge sounds yummy!
Hope you have fun!

Did you eat it?

Did your teachers made it or the children?
Or maybe the Y1 teachers showed the children and they copied?

That is very good KS1!
You are fanstasic at making porridge!

By Victoria Gyamfi.

It sound’s like you made Porridge.It’s sounds like Great fun Love From John Sackey.

They look wonderful!
You had an messy cookig in your classroom makig some warm deilcous food.
You had fanstcaic fun and your hands are very sticky and giluey.
I can desricbe what your hands are like Class 5.

Good cooking!

Yum Yum!
Is it not too hot or not too cold?
I think you should have the warm one.

They are yummy I tryed porridge before.

Did you put Marshmallows in your porridge before,because I did and the porrsidge was in sugar and I aslo ate the marshmallows too!

Really yummy.

We love porridge!

I love proidge and it makes you warm every morning when you are cold and you should have it for every breakfast.

I had lots of fun commening in your class blog.I love that you maked the porridge all by yourself.

Poridge makes you warm in the morning and it makes you warm.

Well done Class 5 and the children and the wonderful teachers!You all concerted on your work and I love seeing your pictures on the blog!

Yummy Porridge ks1 I would like to try some.

You have best cookers!…it looks like you had some messy fun!

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