How to Make Porridge Instructions


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You know porridge insrtions are very hard,because when its get hard it’s rusty and you can’t mix it very well.
Love from Victoria Gyamfi.
From Derby.

They are good Instructions ks1.

Good instructions for a delicious bowl of porridge. Not too hot, not too sweet but just right!

My flavour of Porridge Is sugar It taste so Yummy!

Thanks for your comment St Joseph’s. This writing is super! We have made porridge too this week! We made lots if different flavours asked and made a tally of children’s favourite flavour and then turned it into a block graph! Keep up the great work!

Reception at Hillmorton Primary School

Wow! That sounds like a fun lesson too! 🙂

Wow!St hillmorton primary school ks1 class I can here Recording from you.

If I want to make Porridge i can look in the blog.

Thanks I am in St Joseph’s but in a differnt country called Derby.

Your Insructions are very good to make Porridge.
Ks1 Did you had help from a teacher.
Your writing was Good and the Recording.
That Sounds like Great fun from me
It sounds like you make Poridge all together My Favourite flavour that I eat when I was little it was sugar with Porridge when I was In a Foundation stage
Love From John.

Ks1 Did you love the porridge?
Because I love Porridge.
I heard your Recording To make Porridge the Ingreidients are alots of Ingreideints In the Porridge.I know that Porridge Is winter food because It used to be In Breakfast and Porridge Is yummy!When I was In foundation stage. we made Porridge My flavour was sugar.When I was In Foundation Stage.
Love From John

Great,how can you make Porridge by yourself.

Porridge is so yummy!
I wish you can share one for me!
Only Joking!
You can have it for yourselfs because I am in Derby and you can’t walk or fly there to give me one!

I heard you saying in the blog how to make porridge.
That’s very clever KS1.
I am very proud of you learing how to make porridge.

Thank you! We really enjoyed it! You can try and make some by following our instructions!

I am making some at home Class 5!
Thank you I appiracte that Class 5.

Well done your Instructions are about making a Porridge If you give me one I will try to taste it you record and write the Instructions If someone wants to make porridge and if they dont know how to make it they can go to the blog to help them make Porridge Well done!

How to Make porridge
Put the oats in the bowl,
Next,pour on hot water,
Then, you mix it,
After That,pour on the sugar,
Finally,you can eat it all up.
That was instrion 2.

You are very Good at making porridge.

Well done!!!!!!

Why do you make the Instructions?
Because they need to know how to make porridge.

Fisrt put the oat in the bowl,
Next pour on hot water,
Then you mix It,
After that you put sugar,
Finnaly you can eat it all up
Well done I was trying to copy from the recording.

thats so cute:)

So how do the porrdige taste?

It really sounds like a really great lesson!

Good literacy!

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