Helping humpty!


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After getting a letter from Humpty Dumpty we decided to help him! We wrote some new ‘Humpty Dumpty’ nursery rhymes, designed some protective clothing for him, played Humpty games and made Humpty pictures to cheer him up!Here is some of our work!

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I’m looking forward to viewing more of the childrens work. What a lovely idea.

I loved watching this video this evening with Jack. Fantastic work class 5. Keep the videos coming!

I seen that video Ks1 and you were helping humpty. It was a Good Job from hearing from you.

Looks like you did a wonderful job of helping Humpty Dumpty, well done class 5 🙂

Some brilliant work Class 5!!! Everyone looks so happy and proud. Already looking forward to the next instalment! 🙂

Humpty Dumpty is very lucky to have such good friends. Fantastic work Class 5

I know the song humpty dumpty sat on the wall Humpty Dumpty ever so fall.I forgotten some of the bits from the song.

I really love that video.

Wow!That sounds brilliant.

loving the videos, can’t wait for the next one!

I am loving the videos that are there.
How about go to our blog it is
St Josephs\detby
We love to hear from you.!

Good learning I love to say it’s wonderful Ks1.

Wow that is a good video and I really appricte that.

You are helping Humpty Dupty.

Why was Humpty helping you?
Did he fall on a wall in the Nursey Rymhes?

What happend Class 5?
Love from Victoria Gyamfi,Derby.

You are making nice thing for Humpty Dumpty because I saw that in the video.

I saw a girl dancing in the video.
Did you video her for Humpty Dumpty?

That video was nice Class 5
Well done to help him.
Class 5 can I ask you something?

Did Humpty Dumpty fell on the wall in the Nursey Ryhmes?
Love from Victoria.

It’s very kind to recieve a letter to him.

Wow!Did you played humpty Games?
Wow!you Can help humpty dumpty.

Wow!Deffintely good.

That’s amazing.

Helping is really kind.

Poor Humpty Dumpty,he never sit on that wall never agian!

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