A letter from Humpty!


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Today we recieved a letter from Humpty Dumpty asking for our help!!

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Oh my, what was wrong? What did Humpty need your help with?


I think he fell on the wall in his own Nursey Rymeme,Mrs.Baxendale.

Humpty Dumpty needed more rhyming words to change his Nursery Rhyme! We thought of… cat and hat, bug and rug, log and bog! Can you think of any?

Did he came to your school or not.

No he didn’t come to our school but we spoke to him on the telephone1

Love class 5

Did you help him?
Humpy dumtpy looks looks like he wanted some help.
Did you help him or not?

thats brilliant
you have learnt about humpty dumpty
well done.

humpty dumpty rhymes thats good well done.

I can think of some ryming words like
Thats all that I can think of.

humpty dumpty ryhme game
foe toe hoe joe yoe
thats it all of these ryhmes.

humpty dumpty is an egg
and i am doing a rhyme to you
thats it it is my rhyme.

Listen to my new ryhme
Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,
Humpty Dumpty called his friends to help him before he craks!
When his friends arrive
Humpty Dumpty was craked.
So the Amblunce collected Humpty Dumpty in Hospiatal!
Do you think there are some ryming words?
Thank you from 18victoria.

My other rymhe was.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a car.
Soon,somebody saw him.
Humpty Dumpty shouted “hELP PLASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!
But the proson came walking by did’nt help him.
Then one of his friends saw him and he helped Humpty Dumpty.
Then Humpty Dumpty carshed on the car!
I hope you like my poem.
By 18victoria
From Derby.

My other poem was for Humpty Dumpty is…
Humpty Dumpty sat on a great wall.
Then he had a great fall.
And the 1000 kings helped him to do not fall over.
Thank You.
Love from Victoria.
You can reply from me!

you have made a letter to humpty and its a rhymes fr him well done.

you are helping him you have made a letter and I know the song of humpty dumpty.

These Rhymes sound’s good who knows the songs about him?and I know all the Rhymes and I like them.

Good learning Ks1 Great learning.

Good writing Ks1 You made a letter full of Rhymes to him wonderful ks1 class.

Good Ks1 class well done good learning ks1 I am so proud and you are in year 2 and you will learn things well done.

Yeah John they are so clever at helping Humpty Dumpty and do you reply back to him on the phone.

I still don’t get it.
Is it real or false.
Love from Victoria Gyamfi.

Oh!I still don’t understand but can we make a poem for him or just writ on the blog ryming words.

Love from Victoria Gyamfi.

Ks1 well done for making humpty dumpty a letter.Is he real or not.

That’s very exiciting Class 5!
Can I tell you something?
You have the best blog posetes in the whole wide world so everyone like in Derby can comment.
That is very polite of you Class 5 so that anyone in the world can comment.
God Bless you.

I know the Ryhme song.
Then,you recieved a letter to him.how kind It Is.

I know the song.

Well done for helping Humpty Dumpty.

Its like you are brave heros just like SUPERMAN!!!! And barve herions too!

Heros-boys and men
Herions-Girls and ladies

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